YegTakeout Scavenger Hunt 2020 Winners have been announced! Winners have been contacted via email. Please check your inbox!

Scavenger Hunt #northedgeyeg





Explore and discover Edmonton's north downtown through a Scavenger Hunt! (No Purchase Necessary)

Clues have been placed at the 14 participating restaurants with prizes worth $750 in value! Details below. Start at any location. You’ll just need your phone and a QR code reader to participate!

New to QR codes? Learn more here.

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Instructions to Participate (No Purchase Necessary)

  1. To begin your scavenger hunt, sign up here!
  2. You can start at any location on the map… but choose wisely. 
  3. There are 14 locations, and the hunt must be completed in ascending order
    1. Your final location will be your starting location # minus 1. (if you start at location 1/14, your final location is 14/14. If you start at 2/14, you end at 1/14). Make sure to complete the form at your final location!
  4. To receive a clue for the next location: Scan the QR code posted at the location storefront (one location’s clue is inside the restaurant), open the link, then enter the location’s ID and your email address.
    1. Each form submitted automatically enters your email address into a draw for a chance to win 1 of 5 $50 Visa Gift Cards. Only one email entry per location is allowed.
  5. Each clue can be solved using the information and pictures from the map & directory on the page. Don’t forget to click the green “information” icon for more details! See something cool on the hunt? Mention @foodsearchinc and @northedge_yeg with #northedgeyeg and we’ll share it!
  6. Email when complete! The first, second, and third place are determined through this completion email. We will double check that you have signed up and solved all the clues in order through the form submissions!
See a missing or damaged QR code? Email or post onto the event page to get this fixed!

Prizes (Total of $750 in value)

  • 3 prizes available for solving all clues and visiting all locations in order:
    • First place: $300 Visa Gift Card.
    • Second Place: $125 Visa Gift Card.
    • Third Place: $75 Visa Gift Card.
  • Scavenger hunt not your style? Visit and scan any location’s QR code and complete the form to automatically gain one entry for a chance to win One of Five $50 Visa Gift Cards
    • Only one email entry per location is allowed. Duplicate entries will be disqualified
  • No purchase necessary
  • Awards to be announced after September 25, 2020

YegTakeout Scavenger Hunt 2020 Winners:

  • Congrats to everyone that participated and our winners below!
    • First place: Brenden K.
    • Second Place: Taylor B.
    • Third Place: @nicwawryk
  • Winners for the five $50 Visa Gift Cards:
    • Sophia H.
    • @kwokmah 
    • @tkoe_
    • Steven N.
    • @eatwithshar0n

Terms & Conditions

  • No purchase necessary
  • The scavenger starts on September 11, 2020 8:00 AM and finishes September 25, 2020 11:59 PM. Any form entries outside this time frame are invalid.
  • Participants must be 18+ years of age and reside in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region
  • Food Search Inc. & The North Edge Business Association:
    • Will not be held liable for any damage, loss, or injury of the participant partaking in the scavenger hunt
    • Can suspend, cancel, or modify the contest at any time
  • If there is, as a result of any error, more potential winners than contemplated in the rules, the contest sponsor reserves the right to hold a random draw amongst all prize claimants to award the correct number of prizes

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